Summer Slackin’

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Dear Alexa,
   I have a lot of summer work to do before I go back to school, but I have yet to start any of it! Everyday I tell myself that I will work on the math packet or start one of the books, but I always find other ways to spend my time. Why do I keep procrastinating?
– Sam
After a long year imprisoned behind the walls of our classrooms, we find ourselves ready to take a break, and dive head first into the adventures of summer. Not only is summer full of fun activities, but it is also an extra long vacation from the daily Math, English, and Science classes we attend during the school year.  You see, the problem with summer is that it presents even more opportunity costs than normal. In your case, these opportunity costs of summer are the experiences or activities  you have to give up in order to do your summer work. For example, every time you are relaxing at home on a sunny day and think about starting your math packet, you realize the opportunity cost would be a day at the pool with your friends, or even a trip to the beach. Because a sunny summer day is full of numerous activities for one to choose from, it makes it even harder for you to start your work because the opportunity cost of staying in your house is much too high. The three long months of summer coupled with the high opportunity cost of actually doing work are the reasons you keep putting it off!
When making a decision, the fact that you have weeks to do your work definitely lowers the opportunity cost of going to the beach with your friends. This is because you know that if you go to the beach you have days or even weeks to get started on your work rather than a couple of hours at night like you do during the school year. This makes the option of doing a summer activity more appealing.  So Sam, not to worry, you do not have a procrastination problem and I have no doubt that your summer work will be completed. Remember though, as you begin to approach the end of summer, the opportunity cost of spending a day outside will begin to get higher. Whether you will begin to think it is worth it to start your work is entirely up to you, but I do promise you that all-nighters are definitely not fun and detract from your days in the sun. Enjoy your summer and remember you have enough hours in your day to try to do your work and have fun too!
Happy Summer!

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