A (Mind Boggling) Entitlement

by Elaine Schwartz    •    Apr 21, 2010    •    576 Views

I guess we can all agree that citizens have basic rights. But vacations? “Traveling for tourism today is a right. The way we spend our holidays is a formidable indicator of our quality of life,” according to Antonio Tajani, the European Union commissioner for enterprise and industry

During a recent meeting in Brussels, the EU proclaimed that government should subsidize tourism and travel for those who cannot afford it. Available “to pensioners and anyone over 65, young people between 18 and 25, families facing ‘difficult social, financial or personal’ circumstances and disabled people,” the program will be piloted until 2013.

You might want to look at this WSJ.com article for a reality check about the tough fiscal choices facing EU members.

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The Economic Life

An entitlement is a government program that citizens believe government should provide.  In the U.S. Medicare and Social Security are our largest entitlement programs. If we return to our government involvement scale, with more government to the left and less to the right, where do you believe the U.S. should be? With a travel subsidy mandate, where have the EU nations moved? 


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