Hoping to share my enthusiasm for economics, I started to create econlife.com several years ago. My teaching philosophy, though, developed long ago.

I’ve taught at Kent Place School in Summit, NJ for 35 years. Increasingly, as those years unfolded, I became dedicated to explaining the economy so that everyone could understand and enjoy it.   More than for the test, I wanted my students to learn about economics for their lives.  I wanted to transform “the dismal science” into the “dynamic science”.

Happily, I have also traveled beyond my classroom with economics.  For high school students, I wroteEconomics Our American Economy (Addison Wesley, 1990, 1994) and for everyone, Econ 101 ½ (Avon Books, 1995). To make economics more interesting, I paired good stories with economic ideas.  Focusing on famous people like JP Morgan and not so famous individuals like Minor Keith, the man who brought us the banana, many of these stories related to our history.  In addition, I have worked with economics organizations, written financial history articles, and given Econ 101 ½ talks.

In so many ways, teaching economics has taken me to the past, the present and the future. It has connected me to students and teachers, to libraries, blogs, podcasts, business firms, and economists.  It has taught me about decision making and voting knowledgeably.  It has shown me the amazing ideas and projects that students create.

Now, through econlife.com, it is time for me and my AP Economics class to share all of this with you.

So…let’s begin!

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