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    I Scream for Ice Cream

    Jun 27, 15 • 735 Views • 1 Comment

    Looking at externalities, we can see how economics can validate eating too much ice cream......  [read more]

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    Dating Decisions

    Apr 10, 15 • 1254 Views • No Comments

    Hello Alexa, I am a single person who is looking to settle down. I typically date online because my career is very demanding. However, to my dismay, I have encountered great difficulty in finding a person who meets all of my criteria: smart, funny, driven,......  [read more]

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    Toothpaste Tube Torment

    Feb 8, 15 • 1406 Views • No Comments

    Dear Alexa, This morning I did not hear my alarm and woke up late. Understandably, I was a little frazzled as I rushed to get ready for work. When it came time to brush my teeth, I struggled to get out the final drop of toothpaste. This was the last straw.......  [read more]

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    Refrigerator Refill

    Nov 19, 14 • 1378 Views • No Comments

    Dear Alexa, By the time Sunday rolls around, my husband and I are extremely tired from a week’s worth of work. But, one of us has to go to the supermarket to restock the fridge. Who should it be? Sincerely, Tired Tiffany Dear Tired Tiffany, Have no fear,......  [read more]

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    Internship Inquiry

    Sep 29, 14 • 894 Views • No Comments

    My son was just offered an internship.  However, he is wary about accepting it because the pay is minimal.  Should I encourage him to take the position? -Concerned Parent Dear Concerned Parent, Let’s examine the concept of internships through the lens of......  [read more]