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    S’ain’t Valentine’s Day.

    Feb 14, 14 • 583 Views • No Comments

    Dear Alexa, I dread February 14th.  When people have plans with their partners, I feel uncelebrated. How should I deal with my Valentine’s Day distress? Sincerely, Burdened Bachelorette   Dear Burdened Bachelorette, Being single need not be a negative...  [read more]

  • Pay the Rent!

    Rent Woes

    Feb 5, 14 • 590 Views • No Comments

    Dear Alexa, My roommate is my best friend. We met as freshmen in college and have been inseparable ever since. Unfortunately, she lost her job a couple months ago, and as a result she has stopped paying her portion of our rent. I have been paying the entire...  [read more]

  • 'Tis NOT the season to be stressed!

    Present Problems

    Dec 29, 13 • 384 Views • No Comments

    Dear Alexa, I’m going to a New Year’s Eve party and I feel obligated to bring something to thank the host. I’m trying to decide between bringing a gift or a gift card.  I love the holidays, but I’m super stressed out over what to bring. What would...  [read more]

  • gray socks hanging on a clothesline with a blue sky in the background

    Nov 25, 13 • 475 Views • No Comments

    Dear Alexa, My husband and I both work, so we try to divide the chores as equally as possible. I am in charge of my laundry as well as the kids. My husband is in charge of his laundry (both doing and putting away.) Lately, he has been taking a long time to do...  [read more]

  • Shopping Dilemma: Rent or Handbag

    Shopping Struggles: Rent or Handbag?

    Oct 22, 13 • 867 Views • No Comments

    Dear Alexa, I was walking down 5th Avenue this morning, and then BOOM!  Something made me stop in my tracks:  the most gorgeous handbag I had ever seen was daintily dangling off the wrist of a mannequin in the window of Saks.  I have to have it!  So, I...  [read more]