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    Veggie Wars

    Apr 2, 14 • 751 Views • No Comments

    Dear Alexa, Every night is a struggle in our household come time for dinner. My eight year old son refuses to touch anything green, let alone eat it. This leaves my husband and me frustrated and concerned that he doesn’t have a well-balanced diet. Alexa,......  [read more]

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    S’ain’t Valentine’s Day.

    Feb 14, 14 • 872 Views • No Comments

    Dear Alexa, I dread February 14th.  When people have plans with their partners, I feel uncelebrated. How should I deal with my Valentine’s Day distress? Sincerely, Burdened Bachelorette   Dear Burdened Bachelorette, Being single need not be a negative......  [read more]

  • Pay the Rent!

    Rent Woes

    Feb 5, 14 • 985 Views • No Comments

    Dear Alexa, My roommate is my best friend. We met as freshmen in college and have been inseparable ever since. Unfortunately, she lost her job a couple months ago, and as a result she has stopped paying her portion of our rent. I have been paying the entire......  [read more]

  • 'Tis NOT the season to be stressed!

    Present Problems

    Dec 29, 13 • 673 Views • No Comments

    Dear Alexa, I’m going to a New Year’s Eve party and I feel obligated to bring something to thank the host. I’m trying to decide between bringing a gift or a gift card.  I love the holidays, but I’m super stressed out over what to bring. What would......  [read more]

  • gray socks hanging on a clothesline with a blue sky in the background

    Nov 25, 13 • 760 Views • No Comments

    Dear Alexa, My husband and I both work, so we try to divide the chores as equally as possible. I am in charge of my laundry as well as the kids. My husband is in charge of his laundry (both doing and putting away.) Lately, he has been taking a long time to do......  [read more]