Economic Growth

Growth is crucial for a market economy. Econlife looks at the different microeconomic and macroeconomic variables that affect growth like human capital, technology, and natural resources and monetary and fiscal policies.

  • Unemployment Rate statistics

    Problems With the Unemployment Rate

    Feb 9, 14 • 1019 Views • No Comments

    Almost everyone is saying the unemployment rate is a problem. At 6.6% and with job creation at 113,000, the numbers reflect a troubled jobs market. The problem, though, might be the statistic. We began collecting employment statistics during the 1880s. For......  [read more]

  • Cotton Subsidies and Trade Barriers

    The Cotton Wars

    Feb 7, 14 • 857 Views • No Comments

    The Brazilian cotton saga continues…or maybe it has ended. Our story starts with the $150 million a year that the US had been giving to Brazilian cotton growers. We were sending close to $12 million a month because Brazilian farmers protested that the......  [read more]

  • Thomas Sargent and Cutting the deficit

    A Surprising Connection Between Tennessee and the Affordable Care Act

    Feb 6, 14 • 693 Views • No Comments

    There is probably a tradeoff between health insurance and the demand for jobs. During 2005 in Tennessee, the demand for jobs increased when 170,000 people lost their Medicaid health insurance coverage. Researchers call that jobs/health insurance tie, the......  [read more]

  • Brazil's Transportation Infrastructure World Cup to-do

    Brazil’s World Cup To-Do List

    Feb 4, 14 • 760 Views • No Comments

    Preparing its transportation infrastructure for the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympics, Brazil has one giant to-do list. In the air and on the ground, it has the participants, the officials and the fans that have to be moved around. Curious about Brazil, I......  [read more]

  • Thomas Sargent and Cutting the deficit

    Have We Halved the Deficit?

    Jan 30, 14 • 531 Views • No Comments

    In the State-of-the-Union, President Obama said, “Our deficits–cut by more than half.” Looking at the federal deficit as a percent of GDP, we can say that the deficit is much lower than 4 years ago. BUT… The deficit was an unusually......  [read more]