Health Care

Closely related to human capital and economic growth, health care involves consumers, government and businesses. The expense and effectiveness of health care through Medicare, Social Security Disability and Medicaid and who pays for it are central economic issues that econlife looks at in the past and present for the US and other nations.

  • New Year's Resolution Top Ten Ways to Sound Like Economist

    Top Ten Ways to Sound Like an Economist

    Jan 1, 14 • 1035 Views • 2 Comments

    You might find it handy sometimes to sound like an economist. Here are the top ten ways: 1. Whatever the question, always answer, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch.” 2. Defend a decision by declaring, “It was worth the opportunity......  [read more]

  • almond demand and supply

    A Nutty Demand and Supply Story

    Dec 26, 13 • 2129 Views • No Comments

    Our almond story starts on the demand side in China with a name change. Just like apricot kernals, California almonds had been called xing ren until the apricot kernel growers accused the Americans of “deceiving consumers.” Trying to minimize a......  [read more]

  • Jimmy Fallon NYS tax incentives

    How a Skating Rink is Like the Economy

    Dec 8, 13 • 545 Views • No Comments

    Driving around Columbus Circle in NYC, sometimes I wonder why so many drivers do what they are supposed to do.   Economist Dan Klein gave me an answer in “Rinkonomics.” He asks that we imagine for a moment that we have never seen nor heard......  [read more]

  • Pie Slices. Income inequality

    More Thanksgiving Economics

    Nov 28, 13 • 732 Views • No Comments

    Our annual Thanksgiving post: In 1623, 2 years after the first Thanksgiving, Governor William Bradford was worried about Plymouth’s food supply. The problem, he concluded, was that people shared whatever they produced. Because they expected “able and......  [read more]

  • The Complexity of Making a Pencil in "I, Pencil"

    The Problem With Elegant Technology

    Nov 24, 13 • 375 Views • No Comments’s problems might relate to “elegance.” Equal to simplicity, elegance results from eliminating complexity. In the Broadway play “Proof,”  the math proof was elegant. For me it could be an analytic essay or an......  [read more]