• Movie Attendance Price elasticity

    2 Reasons We Don’t Go to the Movies

    Mar 29, 14 • 528 Views • No Comments

    While movie ticket sales are down, box office revenue is up. NATO, the National Organization of Theater Owners (not the North Atlantic Treaty Organization), says that between 2004 and 2013, movie ticket sales declined by 11% but box office revenue went up...  [read more]

  • Water price ceilings create distorted price incentives

    A Water Shortage During Brazil’s World Cup

    Mar 26, 14 • 361 Views • No Comments

    A major source of Sao Paulo, Brazil’s water supply has shrunk. Down to 14.7% of its capacity, the Cantareira Basin supplies almost half the area’s water. With little rain until recently (and it’s the rainy season from December to March) and...  [read more]

  • Baseball spring training cost and benefit

    A Spring Training Dilemma

    Mar 25, 14 • 347 Views • No Comments

    The battle was between Mesa, Arizona and Naples, Florida. It was the Cactus League vs. the Grapefruit League. Arizona’s homes for the Cactus League:   Florida’s homes for the Grapefruit League: Our story begins in 1952 when the Chicago Cubs...  [read more]

  • gender gap women's sports and March Madness

    Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Feminism

    Mar 24, 14 • 401 Views • No Comments

    Our Monday Gender Issue: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Nigerian writer, former MacArthur genius, National Book Critics Circle Award winner, author of the book, Half of a Yellow Sun on which a new movie is based, and the person who has given so many of us so...  [read more]

  • Frisbee entrepreneur

    The Significance of the Frisbee

    Mar 23, 14 • 445 Views • No Comments

    The story of the Frisbee begins in a backyard during a Thanksgiving dinner in 1937. Fred Morrison and his girlfriend Lucile “Lu” Nay were tossing a  popcorn-tin lid when they switched to a cake pan because it had better aerodynamics. Having some...  [read more]