• Cost and benefit for crime from Gary Becker

    Crime and Punishment in Svalbard

    Jul 11, 14 • 628 Views • No Comments

    Two times the size of New Jersey, Norway’s Svalbard territory has a single jail cell that was briefly occupied a year ago. Trying to decide why Svalbard has little crime, some cite its sparse population of 3,000 or the fact that it is an archipelago......  [read more]

  • Bubbles cupcakes

    The Cupcake Bubble

    Jul 9, 14 • 705 Views • No Comments

    Just like technology stocks in 2000 and housing in 2005, the cupcake bubble has burst. In 2004 or so, many of us started buying the most amazing cupcakes. 4 inches tall, topped with sprinkles or a cookie, the cupcake might have been pistachio......  [read more]

  • Supply and demand movie theater tickets

    The Reason I Will Return to My Local Movie Theater

    Jul 8, 14 • 1608 Views • No Comments

    I usually avoid going to my local AMC movie theater. Decades old, it has had a decaying lobby, saggy seats, and a rather worn-out feeling. Several weeks ago, though, as the only place with a good time to see Chef, I went there. And I was pleasantly......  [read more]

  • Indian development and tradeoffs from roads and cars

    The Difference Between India’s Stories and Statistics

    Jul 7, 14 • 719 Views • No Comments

    There is a village in Southern India called Kadapakkam. It had been a home to farmers and fishermen whose thatched huts had no running water and no electrical appliances. At traditional tea shops located at the side of the local, narrow and potholed......  [read more]

  • Supply and demand are lowering cranberry prices

    A Cranberry Blog

    Jul 3, 14 • 740 Views • No Comments

    Yesterday morning, during my “rantum scoot” around a Nantucket cranberry bog, our group leader unknowingly presented a supply and demand story. This is the bog: Starting with some history, he said the island of Nantucket was ideally suited to......  [read more]