• Price of Thanksgiving Dinner

    Problems With Thanksgiving Economics

    Nov 26, 13 • 500 Views • No Comments

    Something is very wrong with this graph from CNBC:   During 2011, Thanksgiving dinner prices totaled $49.20. In 2012 the number was $49.48. Did the cost of the holiday dinner rise by 28 cents? Or, as CNBC said in its headline, did “Thanksgiving...  [read more]

  • Human capital and Prop 8

    A New Reason to Marry

    Nov 25, 13 • 310 Views • No Comments

    Traditionally, marriage has been about specialization and “production complementarities.” With the husband in the labor force and the wife at home, their division of labor resembled a small factory. He supplied the income and she was the...  [read more]

  • State-to-State Migration

    Is Your Home State Popular?

    Nov 23, 13 • 373 Views • No Comments

    The Erie Canal has always been my favorite. Initiated by a Clinton who wanted to be President (DeWitt Clinton, governor of NYS), the canal was completed in 1825. Because it connected Albany, NY to Buffalo, NY, people and goods in New York City could move much...  [read more]

  • Japanese fertility and aging problms

    5 Best Places To Be Born

    Nov 16, 13 • 386 Views • No Comments

    In 1988, the United States was ranked #1 as the best country in which to be born. The people who did the ranking for The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) selected criteria that you would expect. They included GDP per capita, economic growth, literacy and...  [read more]

  • income redistribution

    How To Be Sure That Everyone Has a Minimum Income

    Nov 15, 13 • 425 Views • No Comments

    Four decades ago, in a rural Manitoba community, Canada experimented with cash grants to low income families. Called MINCOME, the program provided for different cash payments based on the household’s proximity to the poverty level. The grant was...  [read more]