• Resource allocation involves similar concepts whether personal, for business or a country.

    How To Divide the Rent, a Cake and a Country

    May 1, 14 • 614 Views • No Comments

    Assume for a moment that you have just rented a 4th floor walk-up apartment for $3000 with 2 friends. One bedroom is mid-sized and near a fire escape, the second is rather large and has a view of a magnificent tree while the third is tiny, looks out on the...  [read more]

  • Ask Alexa Economic Advice from

    Your “ROI” From Braces

    Apr 30, 14 • 807 Views • No Comments

    Dear Alexa, At work, I have become ashamed of my less-than-perfect smile since I am surrounded by colleagues who had the luxury of wearing braces in their youth.  Should I get braces to perfect my smile, even though I am no longer in high school? Sincerely,...  [read more]

  • Should the market system or government regulate the sharing economy?

    Dilemmas From the “Sharing Economy”

    Apr 29, 14 • 789 Views • No Comments

    Today’s story is specifically about Airbnb. More generally though, it involves whether government or the market system should regulate the “sharing economy.” But first–Craigslist and the Sharing Economy from xkcd: An apartment owner in...  [read more]

  • Political gender equity improves human capital far beyond politics

    Why Do We Need More King Peggys?

    Apr 28, 14 • 674 Views • No Comments

    Our Monday Gender Issue: Having a woman as the king of an African fishing village can make a big difference. During 2008, a secretary who works at Ghana’s Washington DC embassy  got a middle of the night call at her home in Silver Spring, Maryland....  [read more]

  • Robotic milkers increase dairy farm productivity and make cows happy.

    The Robot Milkers That Cows Like

    Apr 24, 14 • 2130 Views • No Comments

    It appears that cows prefer robot milkers. Rather than following a human schedule of pre-dawn mornings and late afternoons, the robots respond to what the cows want. Perhaps 5 or 6 times a day, the cows line up in front of the milker, waiting, as milk cups...  [read more]