A factor of production, labor is necessary for producing goods and services. Econlife looks at labor related issues that include how jobs have changed, wages in the US and internationally and outsourcing and unions and the minimum wage.

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    How Has The Safety Net Affected the Unemployment Rate?

    Feb 5, 13 • 354 Views • No Comments

    University of Chicago economist Casey Mulligan believes that the US unemployment rate has remained high because of many separate public policy changes. Big and small, each one influenced workers, businesses and consumers by creating new incentives. For......  [read more]

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    Super Bowl Sibling Rivalry

    Feb 3, 13 • 412 Views • No Comments

    Can a sibling’s success add to your self-esteem? It depends. Sometimes you can feel better about yourself when your brother or sister does something fantastic. However, if your self-esteem relates to excelling at whatever your sibling does, then you......  [read more]

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    Super Bowl Ticket Prices

    Feb 2, 13 • 758 Views • No Comments

    Reflecting monopoly prices, $850-$1250 is the face value range for 2013 Super Bowl tickets. By contrast, in 1967, the least expensive box office ticket to the first Super Bowl would have cost you $6. Using an inflation calculator, I discovered that 6 dollars......  [read more]

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    Personality and Leadership

    Feb 1, 13 • 315 Views • No Comments

    Thinking of human capital, leading politicians, successful pizza makers and top software sellers might be surprisingly similar. We can start with Franklin Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. Associated with strong leadership, FDR’s style was assertive, bold,......  [read more]

  • Industries afflicted with Baumol's Disease have slower productivity growth.

    Incentives: Should Doctors Be Paid For Performance?

    Jan 31, 13 • 429 Views • No Comments

    I suspect that the incentives in New York’s doctor quality plan will have unexpected consequences. An incentive for results, bonuses will be given to NY hospitals that they share with their doctors. Described as a reward system and P4P, Pay for......  [read more]