• gender gap women's sports and March Madness

    The Olympic Gender Gap

    Feb 17, 14 • 561 Views • No Comments

    This year it was the ski jump. Though still not allowed to participate in the large hill jump, for the first time, women competed down the 90-meter jumping hill. For years they had been told that their bodies could not handle it. In 1900, women entered...  [read more]

  • Beauty and Human Capital Nefertiti

    The Reason That Certain Quarterbacks Earn More

    Feb 2, 14 • 370 Views • No Comments

    A 3.2 difference in a facial symmetry score can mean an extra $378,000 in  pay for a quarterback. According to research from economist David Berri on salaries from 1995-2009, if a quarterback is better looking, his salary will exceed others with similar...  [read more]

  • Demand and Supply for Pricing Super Bowl Tickets

    Is the Super Bowl “Cheap” This Year?

    Feb 1, 14 • 560 Views • No Comments

    From SeatGeek: January, 2013 $500-$2500 is the face value range for 2014 Super Bowl tickets. By contrast, in 1967, the least expensive box office ticket to the first Super Bowl would have cost you $6. Using an inflation calculator, I discovered that $6 in...  [read more]

  • Demand and Supply for Pricing Super Bowl Tickets

    Is $3.9 Million the Right Price for a Super Bowl Ad?

    Jan 28, 14 • 696 Views • No Comments

    In an ad for the (Super Bowl) ad, Stephen Colbert talks about Wonderful Pistachios. Fox said its Super Bowl TV ad inventory (estimated at 65 spots) for the game is sold out. According to Ad Age, that inventory included 30 seconds during the first unscheduled...  [read more]

  • Demand and Supply for Pricing Super Bowl Tickets

    Super Bowl Spending

    Jan 24, 14 • 374 Views • No Comments

    On NYC FAN radio, sports “guru” Mike Francesa said that Super Bowl 2014 at MetLife Stadium was going to be really cold. For a normal football game, you might occupy your seats for 3 hours. For the February 2 Seattle/Denver game, counting half time...  [read more]