• Demand and Supply for Pricing Super Bowl Tickets

    Is $3.9 Million the Right Price for a Super Bowl Ad?

    Jan 28, 14 • 647 Views • No Comments

    In an ad for the (Super Bowl) ad, Stephen Colbert talks about Wonderful Pistachios. Fox said its Super Bowl TV ad inventory (estimated at 65 spots) for the game is sold out. According to Ad Age, that inventory included 30 seconds during the first unscheduled...  [read more]

  • Demand and Supply for Pricing Super Bowl Tickets

    Super Bowl Spending

    Jan 24, 14 • 352 Views • No Comments

    On NYC FAN radio, sports “guru” Mike Francesa said that Super Bowl 2014 at MetLife Stadium was going to be really cold. For a normal football game, you might occupy your seats for 3 hours. For the February 2 Seattle/Denver game, counting half time...  [read more]

  • Jimmy Fallon NYS tax incentives

    How a Skating Rink is Like the Economy

    Dec 8, 13 • 331 Views • No Comments

    Driving around Columbus Circle in NYC, sometimes I wonder why so many drivers do what they are supposed to do.   Economist Dan Klein gave me an answer in “Rinkonomics.” He asks that we imagine for a moment that we have never seen nor heard...  [read more]

  • Sports Gender Gap for Running

    The Gender Gap That Will Not Shrink

    Nov 4, 13 • 436 Views • No Comments

    In 1928 mainstream media told the world that female runners were unable to compete in long distance races. In 1992, the journal Nature printed a letter predicting that women runners would equal men by 1998. Neither got it right. Describing an 800 meter race...  [read more]

  • Charisma and Glamour with human capital equal success

    Charisma or Glamour Power?

    Nov 2, 13 • 619 Views • No Comments

    Jackie Kennedy had glamour while Eleanor Roosevelt had charisma. In her blog and soon to be published book, Bloomberg View writer Virginia Postrel describes the difference: Or, as she explains, “Charisma is a personal quality that inspires followers to...  [read more]