Chinese Consumers and Fresh Apples

China’s Nine Nations

by Elaine Schwartz    •    Dec 17, 2011    •    2817 Views

With this map of China, less is more. Called “The Nine Nations of China,” it resembles a simple color-coded jigsaw puzzle. 

Each of the 9 areas has a label that concisely states size, population, per capita GDP and the balance of trade. Consequently, scanning from west to east, you can compare affluence. For the balance of trade, you can quickly see that 7 of the 9 areas have surpluses. And the names, including “The Rust Belt,” and “The Frontier” and “The Metropolis” give economic clues. Meanwhile, if you want more information, the author provides a description of each of the 9 areas from his article in the Atlantic.

The Economic Lesson

Having nudged Japan out of the #2 spot, China has the world’s second highest GDP. While the total value of the goods and services produced in China during 2010 totaled $5.9 trillion, U.S. production was almost $15 trillion.  

And here, in a marvelous TED talk, as a sportscaster narrating a horse race, Dr. Hans Rosling describes the ascent of China and India. 

An Economic Question: As #3, how close is Japan’s GDP to China’s? 

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