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Chart of the Week: To Which Job Will Your College Major Take You?

by Elaine Schwartz    •    Jul 13, 2014    •    981 Views

Our Sunday chart of the week

Just some human capital facts today…

Showing the proportion of people from a college major that go to a certain kind of job, the following graphics connect college majors with employment groups. The original interactive graphics are from the Census Bureau.

Computer, mathematics and statistics majors (STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Math):


College majors and employment groups


Engineering majors:

College and employment

Physical sciences majors:

Human capital college majors and jobs


Biological, environmental and agricultural sciences:

jobs and majors

Physical Sciences:

college major and jobs physical science


college and jobs opportunities

Social Sciences:

Human Capital College majors social sciences.jpg.

Multidisciplinary studies:

Human capital jobs and multidisciplinary studies



Sources and resources: The US Census Bureau was the source of all of the above graphics and has many more alternative images that I recommend looking at. H/T to Pew Research for alerting me to the site. Note: This entry was slightly edited after it was posted.

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