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Do You Live in a Popular State?

by Elaine Schwartz    •    Jan 4, 2014    •    2646 Views

Listening to Bloomberg news the other morning, I heard that Atlas Van Lines just came out with their annual migration study. The radio report said New Jersey had the most departures while Oregon had the arrivals. (No, people from NJ are not going to Oregon. Florida tends to be their destination.)

From the Atlas website, here is more info:

Trying to correlate other data with migration facts, I looked at state GDP growth rates and then state taxes.

GDP growth rates:

State Taxes, Human Capital and Migration From BEA State GDP Growth Rates

State Income Tax Rates:

State Taxes, Human Capital and Migration State Income Tax Rates From Tax Foundation

State Sales Taxes:

State Sales Taxes From Tax Foundation

Causation or correlation? Your opinion?

Sources and Resources: More data from Atlas (who knew???) is here, the origin of the BEA map is here while a wealth of tax data is here and here. Finally, for the perfect visualization of state to state migration, here is an econlife sister post..


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