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Sep 7, 2011 • Economic Debates, Economic Humor, Macroeconomic Measurement • 694 Views    1 Comment

For laughter and economic insight, the following are wonderful.

A Cartoon: From gocomics.com, a very hypothetical illustration of “The First Economist.”

A Daily Show Excerpt: Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner’s problems with selling his house.

The Economic Lesson

Some serious reading that relates to this economic humor might include Paul Krugman’s excellent NY Times Magazine article about saltwater and freshwater economists. As the cartoon says, “Um…It didn’t work…again…But the theory is still sound.”

And, for more background about the housing crisis, here, through their purchase of “toxie,” NPR’s Planet Money reporters tell the whole story.

An Economic Question: How would you interpret “the first economist” cartoon?

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  • kimj12

    I think “The First Economics” cartoon is an interpretation of a trade-off. Those people are trying to achieve a goal using the limited resources that they have, but in the process they have repeatedly lost members of the time. Choosing to experiment with different ways to cross a large gap, the team chooses to sacrifice lives, which may in the long-term help achieve their goal.

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