Our Weekly Roundup: From Cupcake Bubbles to Indian Villages

by Elaine Schwartz    •    Jul 12, 2014    •    929 Views

An Econlife roundup for the week

Federal Budget spending categories7.06.14 The tough part of cutting federal spending…more


Indian development and tradeoffs from roads and cars7.07.14 When a village in India got a new road, surprising economic changes quickly unfolded…more


Supply and demand and movie theater competition7.08.14 Who ever thought that a reclining chair could resuscitate a movie theater…more


Everyday Economics and Bubbles cupcakes7.09.14 The Crumbs collapse is a classic bubble…more


Everyday Economics and Productivity from a Checklist7.10.14 More than a memory device, the checklist is about economic productivity…more


Everyday Economics and Cost and benefit for crime from Gary Becker7.11.14 How behavioral economics explains why a town in Norway has almost no crime…more


Our bottom line: The everyday economics of this week’s stories took us to fiscal policy, supply and demand, opportunity cost, and economic development.

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