Our Weekly Roundup: From Prop 8 to Alexander Hamilton

by Elaine Schwartz    •    Jul 5, 2014    •    866 Views

An Econlife roundup for the week

This week same-sex marriage and human capital, natural gas and opportunity cost were some of the ways we connected everyday life with economics.


everyday economics and human capital06.30.14 The battle against Prop 8 was about more than validating same-sex marriage…more


everyday economics and African development07.01.14 Looking at programs targeting extreme African poverty, we asked how to give people the boost they need to reach the first step of development…more


everyday economics and the opportunity Cost of Natural Gas07.02.14 The fracking debate takes us to opportunity cost and the environment, the economy, and home-rule…more


everyday economics and cranberries07.03.14 Not just sauce, juice, or sugary and dried, cranberries are a supply and demand story…more


everyday economics and Alexander Hamilton's development plan7.04.14 Let’s celebrate economic independence and say thanks to Alexander Hamilton on Independence Day…more

Our bottom line: Slicing away all of the complexities of economics, we wind up with ideas about production, distribution and tradeoffs that help us better understand our everyday lives.

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