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Our Weekly Roundup: From Argentina to North Dakota

by Elaine Schwartz    •    Aug 2, 2014    •    1018 Views

Our Econlife roundup for the week

Everyday Economics of the GDP7.28.14 The economist who was indicted because of the GDP…more



With factions in Greece resisting further austerity, a sovereign debt problem could resurface.7.29.14 Why Greek hairdressers can no longer retire at 50…more



The everyday economics of a North Dakota  oil boom.7.30.14 How oil changed North Dakota…more



Violating the sanctity of contracts, Argentina has again defaulted on her sovereign debt and diminished her ability to borrow.7.31.14 The hedge fund attack against Argentina…more



Reflected by the Tour de France female exclusion, the gender gap for female athletes relates to less media, consumer and commercial appeal.8.01.14 Why the Tour de France might anger women…more


An update:

To the impact of oil on North Dakota, we should add crowded airports, packed planes, and the sky high fares that WSJ told about about in “The Airport That Feeds the Oil Boom.”


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