Everyday economics and A 13 month calendar would create positive externalities.

Our Weekly Roundup: From Milk to Tobacco

by Elaine Schwartz    •    Aug 9, 2014    •    720 Views

Our Econlife roundup for the week


The spread of refrigeration in China will create positive and negative externalities that relate to productivity, diet, health and the environment.  8.04.14 Why refrigerators do much more for us than keeping food cold…more


Instead of more traditional foreign aid giving programs, cash grants are a valid alternative.  8.05.14 Cash gifts to poor people might help diminish poverty more than you expect…more


Everyday economics A more accurate picture of African Development emerges when we combine statistics and stories.  8.06.14 How stories from Americanah create a picture of economic development…more


8.07.14 Everyday economics  Because market structure shapes a firm's behavior, a supermarket's product placement relates to the monopolistic competition that characterizes its market.The reason you have to go to the back of your supermarket…more


8.08.14 Why cost-benefit analysis sounds logical until you try to do it…moreConsumer surplus is over estimated for cost-benefit analysis of new tobacco regulation

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