Everyday economics and A 13 month calendar would create positive externalities.

Our Weekly Roundup: From Traffic Lights to Sneakers, Everyday Economics Explained by 5 Great Economists

by Elaine Schwartz    •    Jul 19, 2014    •    1110 Views

Our Econlife roundup for the week

Adam Smith and laissez-faire7.14.14 An island without traffic lights displays the benefits of Adam Smith’s laissez-fairemore


Comparative advantage and everyday economics7.15.14 Why David Ricardo would approve of where your sneakers were made…more


Everyday economics, entitlements and J.M. Keynes7.16.14 John Maynard Keynes could say why you’ll get less Social Security than your grandma…more


JS Mill's support of redistribution from taxation in the AFA7.17.14 How to pay for the ACA the John Stuart Mill way…more


Everyday economics and Joseph Schumpeter's entrepreneurs 7.18.14 For Joseph Schumpeter, entrepreneur Eileen Ford was about 2 new kinds of models…more


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