Female Earning Power

by Elaine Schwartz    •    Sep 3, 2010    •    429 Views

Which women earn more than men?

If you are female, in your 20s, childless, unmarrried, live in a city, and a college graduate, there is a good chance that you earn more than a man in your peer group. You also represent a major change in what women earn. For decades (and before), the average working woman in the U.S. has earned less than the average working man–recently, close to 20% less.

Now, according the the Census Bureau, young women are pulling ahead because of the structural shift in the economy. A knowledge based economy with less manufacturing fuels female earnings. Also, because female minorities are more likely to attend college than their male counterparts, they earn more.

20 years from now, what will we see because of this earnings shift? Your comments?

The Economic Lesson

According to Harvard economist Claudia Goldin, the gender gap refers to labor market differences between men and women that relate to types of occupations, pay, and participation rates.


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