Hot Wing Markets

by Elaine Schwartz    •    Mar 29, 2010    •    695 Views

Opening on April 1 in NYC, the Exchange Bar & Grill has food and drink prices that respond instantaneously to demand.  As described in a Reuters article, if everyone wants hot wings, then, in $.25 increments, the price increases; if no one wants them, the price drops. Prices, though will not fluctuate more than $2 higher or lower than a base number.  That means that you would not pay more than $9.00 or less than $5.00 for 6 hot wings because their starting price is $7.00. The restaurant has a ticker tape that will display price fluctuations.

The Economic Life

I have been wondering how we might graph the changing price for hot wings. Is quantity supplied constant or upward sloping? Is the demand curve shifting? Or do we just have a horizontal perfectly elastic supply curve that moves when management shifts it?

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