How Do You Disconnect the Internet?

by Elaine Schwartz    •    Feb 13, 2011    •    565 Views

As a Vodafone New Zealand customer, events in Egypt directed affected you. With a Cairo based call center that had to be closed, Vodafone said that people needing assistance waited 7 or 8 minutes for service that was directed elsewhere. According to The New Zealand Herald, Vodafone also had been instructed by the Egyptian government to “disconnect” its 31 roaming customers in Egypt.

How does a country disconnect? It can instruct service providers to shut down. In Egypt, that meant contacting 5 providers. For the U.S., it would be much more difficult, because in addition to the 10 firms that dominate the market (70% concentration), so many more businesses and people are involved.

An interesting fact: The Estonian parliament and France’s highest court have declared internet connection is a basic human right.

The Economic Lesson

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) estimated the direct and indirect impact of the 5-day internet shutdown in Egypt. Directly, they estimate $18 million a day in lost revenue. Also though, the financial implications for tourism, inoperative call centers, and multinationals’ worries about future reliability are incalculable.

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