More on the Tragedy of the Commons

by Elaine Schwartz    •    Dec 7, 2009    •    846 Views

Good discussion of the Tragedy of the Commons in three podcasts:
1. 2009 Nobel Laureate, Elinor Ostrom, discusses her ideas in the 10/23 Planet Money podcast. In a 15 minute interview, she uses her department’s messy refrigerator as one of her examples.

2. An 11/30 Econtalk discussion between Russ Roberts and Pete Boette further looks at Ostrom. One interesting question from their private/public ownership talk: Can a lighthouse be privately owned? But then, why would the owners leave the lights on??? They have an answer.

3. Then, finally, in an 11/02 Econtalk interview, Russ Roberts and Michael Heller discuss the “Tragedy of the Anticommons”–where private ownership of such publicly held resources as “airwaves” can lead to less productivity because there are too many owners. (

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