Oligopoly: Two Great Ads

by Elaine Schwartz    •    Sep 6, 2013    •    4170 Views

During August, 2010, this picture of VW’s headquarters appeared in Google Street View. Fiat actually was following a Google car and then parked, at the right moment, in front of VW for the shot.

Oligopoly-Fiat and VW

In Santa Monica, CA, Audi and BMW got into a billboard war. Displaying its A4, Audi first said, “Your move, BMW.” Soon after, BMW responded with its M3 and “Checkmate.”

Oligopoly BMW and Audi

Then, the following photoshop responses were added online.

Oligopoly BMW and Audi 2

You can see below why the auto industry is an oligopoly. Few firms dominate, they frequently interact and their “behavior” can be mutually dependent.


Oligopoly top auto industry firms



Sources and resources: To investigate the auto industry further, this analysis is full of details. For more great ads, BusinessInsider has a fun article and here, quora asked for people to submit the best ads.

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