Gender Issues: New Hampshire and Natalie Portman

by Elaine Schwartz    •    Jan 7, 2013    •    607 Views

Thinking of the gender pay gap, there might be a connection between New Hampshire politicians and Natalie Portman.

New Hampshire political life is dominated by women. New Hampshire’s 2 Senators, her 2 Congressional representatives, her governor, speaker of the State House and her State Supreme Court chief justice are all women.

It is possible that the 400 seats in New Hampshire’s General Court (state legislature) provided an easy route for entering politics. But also, one journalist hinted that the $100 salary made serving resemble female volunteerism. By contrast, the Pennsylvania state legislature pays $82,026 a year. Were New Hampshire women more willing than New Hampshire men to accept a lower salary?

And that takes me to Natalie Portman. In a Bloomberg radio segment on the movie stars who create the biggest return for their studios based on their salaries, I learned that Natalie Portman leads the Forbes list. For every dollar she earns, on average, her films return $42.70. The Bloomberg report suggested that as a woman, she was paid less. Therefore, a successful movie could be more lucrative for her employers.

Your opinion?

Our bottom line: In the US, on average, female salaries are close to 20% less than men’s. However, it also depends on where you live and your family status. Washington, D.C. has the smallest wage gap while Wyoming has the largest.

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Sources and Resources: Two good articles about New Hampshire politics were at Slate and the NY Times. Meanwhile, it was fun to go through the Forbes slide show on the movie stars who provided the best return. (As for the worst return, Forbes said it was Eddie Murphy.) And, econlife looked at the gender wage gap here and here.


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