Random Recession Notes

by Elaine Schwartz    •    Mar 23, 2010    •    647 Views

The impact of a recession might not be entirely what we expect.

A recent study from the University of Ottawa suggests that we sleep more during a recession. Canadians slept two hours and 34 minutes more per week.

Hypothesizing that it makes people happier, a U.K. hairdresser saw a 67% “surge” in blond hair dye sales. 

Daniel Gross believes that Americans, in what he quotes a sociologist as calling the “great reset”, want to be healthier.  As a result, they are buying more vitamins. 

Rather interestingly, perhaps contradicting the healthy theory, Daniel Gross also points out in the same Slate article that McDonald’s sales rose during the recession.

Finally, I heard during a podcast that because we vacation less during a recession, shark attacks have diminished.

The Economic Lesson

Does all of this take us back to demand, supply, and prices?  During a recession demand and supply shift, mostly downward, but not for everything. 


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