Random Snow Stories

by Elaine Schwartz    •    Feb 11, 2010    •    616 Views

Property rights
When you shovel a parking space, does it remain yours when you pull out? In Boston, if you shovel out your car during a snow emergency, the space is yours for at least two days. Just “reserve” it with a lawn chair or trash can. 

Fiscal policy
-Federal employees will be paid for snow days. The total? Close to $100 million a day.
-Snow removal costs are exceeding all estimates. Virginia is beyond its $104 allocation. Philadelphia’s Mayor Nutter just said “We’ll figure out budget issues later.” Weeks ago, a Wisconsin town clerk said they would only plow curves, intersections, and hills.

The headline said, “Robot Snowplow from Japan Eats Up Snow, Poops Out Bricks.” The snow bricks are then deposited in a river

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