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    Changing Times at Sochi

    Feb 8, 14 • 948 Views • No Comments

    At Sochi, (the right) time will be money. But when the International Olympic Committee asked for a time change, Russia refused. Saying it would cost them more than $300 million to switch to “Winter Time,” the Russian organizing committee explained......  [read more]

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    Changing Times: Daylight Saving

    Mar 10, 13 • 686 Views • No Comments

    Changing to daylight saving, have you ever thought about who should control time? During the 1880s, the railroads said that they should. With railroad companies observing 52 different times and even more variation among cities and towns, a group of railroad......  [read more]

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    Time, Money and the 2014 Winter Olympics

    Feb 9, 13 • 692 Views • No Comments

    For Sochi, Russia, (the right) time will be money. The home of the 2014 Winter Olympics, Sochi has to decide just how much to coordinate its clocks with the Europeans. The issue is prime time. With an optimal schedule, the games can earn more from broadcast......  [read more]