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  • Everyday economics for government pension plan

    When You Can Expect to Be Most Creative

    Sep 28, 14 • 468 Views • No Comments

    Knowing about how and when creative people achieve optimal productivity is important because of the connection between human capital and economic growth......  [read more]

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    Entitlement Spending: Aging Benefits

    Sep 1, 13 • 469 Views • No Comments

    When you combine better health care with generous pensions you get (choose one):- – happy retirees – happy politicians – insufficiently funded national pension programs – the eurozone – the United States – other To select......  [read more]

  • Industries afflicted with Baumol's Disease have slower productivity growth.

    Entitlements: A Baby Boomer Crisis?

    Jul 21, 13 • 406 Views • No Comments

    The good news is that many of us are living longer. (Afterwards, we will look at the bad news.) A new study from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) tells us that in 2010 the average US woman lived for 80.9 years and the average male, 76.3......  [read more]

  • In NYC and China, developers are building smaller apartments.

    Living Solo: Part 2

    Sep 1, 12 • 581 Views • No Comments

    Soup and ready-made meals sales are soaring in Brazil. The reason is probably more singles. In the United Arab Emirates, if you are over 30 and female, there is a 60% chance you are unmarried. For Japan, 31.5% of all households are one-person. Looking at......  [read more]

  • Aging Populations

    Apr 30, 12 • 539 Views • No Comments

    Just remember 4-2-1-whenever you think of Chinese demographics. 4 refers to 2 grandmas and 2 grandpas, 2 is their adult children and 1 is the next generation. The social fabric of China is shifting. In rural areas, the elderly population is growing as the......  [read more]