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    Back to the Future… of Air Travel

    Aug 13, 14 • 2627 Views • No Comments

    Although 82% of the U.S. airline industry is dominated by 4 airlines, it is not a typical oligopoly because of new small airlines flying routes that the bigger carriers cut......  [read more]

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    Marginal Utility: Airline Fares and Fees

    Mar 29, 13 • 868 Views • No Comments

    On my recent flight to San Francisco, I had baggage fees and reservation change fees. My exit row cost me more and if I not brought my banana and yogurt, I would have had to pay for food. I was amazed by how much the extras cost. And now, there’s talk......  [read more]

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    Airline Fees

    Jun 25, 11 • 2057 Views • No Comments

    Weigh baggage, tag it, and place it on the conveyor belt. No you are not an airline employee. You are flying the Australian Airline, Jetstar. Any human interaction will cost you. A question about your baggage? $10. Soon, all U.S. air carriers will be required......  [read more]