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  • The tradeoffs women make for the work and home choice involve many smaller decisions.

    Gender Issues: The Real Work Home Tradeoffs

    Jun 9, 14 • 477 Views • No Comments

    Our Monday gender issue focus I can still recall reading Anne-Marie Slaughter’s explanation of why women could not “have it all.” Published almost exactly 2 years ago in The Atlantic, the article focused on Dr. Slaughter’s...  [read more]

  • Unless We Look More Closely at Women in the Global Labor Force, We See Only the Tip of the Iceberg.

    What Do Kids Cost Us?

    Jun 24, 12 • 312 Views • No Comments

    Telling us that, “Women Still Can’t Have it All,” Princeton professor Anne-Marie Slaughter explains why she left her position as policy planning director for the State Department. In addition to her 24/7 job in Washington DC, she was a...  [read more]