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  • Through quantitative easing, Fed Chair Ben Bernanke inserted a new tool in the Fed's policy box.

    How Does a Helicopter Drop $4 Trillion?

    Oct 31, 14 • 855 Views • No Comments

    When the Federal Reserve's three basic monetary policy tools did not work, it created quantitative easing to up economic growth and decrease unemployment......  [read more]

  • The banks and insurance companies are financial intermediaries that avoid legal marijuana business.

    Marijuana Money Problems

    Oct 2, 14 • 1185 Views • No Comments

    Colorado's marijuana growers and dealers are wasting resources because banks and insurance companies will not act as their financial intermediaries......  [read more]

  • safety net..16712_5.28_000006090065XSmall

    Euro Deal Primer

    Oct 28, 11 • 717 Views • No Comments

    To understand euro zone bailout plans, just think BBB. Bonds, Banks, Bailout The Bonds: If you own Greek debt, then you would be asked to accept a 50% haircut. That means you will get new Greek bonds worth half the old ones. The catch? It’s voluntary. A......  [read more]

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    Euro Problems

    May 10, 11 • 713 Views • No Comments

    This country had a national railroad that received $100 million euros a year in revenue but had expenses of $700 million. All public jobs paid an average of 3 times what the private sector paid. Beauticians, musicians and radio announcers were retiring with......  [read more]