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  • Because of framing we perceive the same facts differently.

    How “Less Might Be More” at the World Cup

    Jun 15, 14 • 1049 Views • No Comments

    In a study of the Barcelona Olympics, researchers concluded that winners of the bronze medal tended to be happier than the athletes who got the silver. Please look at the expressions (below) of the Olympic medal winners for the 200-meter individual medley......  [read more]

  • How To Win The Olympics

    Aug 11, 12 • 513 Views • No Comments

    The 2016 Olympics in Rio might be different. At the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, Great Britain fared poorly. They took home only one gold and ranked #36 among medal winners. At Beijing in 2008, their medal count was 47 and they ranked #4. And now in London, 2012,......  [read more]