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    Mergers and Acquisitions: A Comeback

    Mar 2, 13 • 654 Views • No Comments

    By Alexandra Kaiser, guest blogger, Kent Place School alumna and undergraduate at New York University I have been reading many news articles on recent mergers and acquisitions. 2013 started off with companies spending $219 billion on M&A. Compared to the......  [read more]

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    A Warren Buffett Story

    Feb 27, 11 • 689 Views • No Comments

    If you had purchased Berkshire Hathaway stock on December 6, 1976, you paid approximately $77. At yesterday’s closing price, one share of the same firm (BRK/A) was $127,550. (Looking at the BLS CPI inflation calculator, $77 in 1976 is equal to the......  [read more]

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    Notes From Warren Buffett

    Feb 28, 10 • 2168 Views • No Comments

    Released yesterday, Warren Buffett’s annual letter to shareholders, as always, included sections that make me smile:  Talking about how he uses a consistent standard to assess Berkshire Hathaway’s performance:“That keeps us from the......  [read more]