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  • Entrepreneurship is more accurately measured with statistics on self-made business people.

    Do Real Entrepreneurs Have to be Rich?

    Jun 26, 14 • 349 Views • No Comments

    When you think of an entrepreneur, doesn’t a person who has started a business come to mind? In the United States, that could take us to industries where the self-employed predominate like construction and restaurants, auto repair shops and beauty...  [read more]

  • For most economists, historians, social scientists, it is tough to avoid research bias

    Fictitious Billionaires

    May 8, 11 • 309 Views • No Comments

    Having amassed her fortune as CEO of an electronics empire and through her inheritance, The Office’s Jolene “Jo” Bennett is ranked #11 on this year’s Forbes Fictional 15. You might enjoy this (fictitious) Forbes interview of Ms....  [read more]