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  • Declining entrepreneurial activity impacts economic growth

    Note to Self… Entrepreneurial Activity Shapes Our World.

    Jun 24, 14 • 147 Views • Businesses, Economic Growth, Economic Thinkers, Government, Innovation, Labor, Macroeconomic MeasurementNo Comments

    Asked about how much market research he did for the iPad, Steve Jobs said, “None. It’s not the consumer’s job to know that they want.” Art Fry could have said the same thing. His story is a good one… But first, where are we

  • A Neighborhood Education

    Apr 25, 12 • 172 Views • Behavioral Economics, Demand, Supply, and Markets, Households, Thinking EconomicallyNo Comments

    By Mira Korber, guest blogger. You probably know that where you live says quite a lot about the public education you receive. However, living in a geographical zone that touts quality schooling may cost more than you realize. A new Brookings study shows a