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  • Google's new name and branding

    Is Google the New General Motors?

    Dec 5, 14 • 976 Views • No Comments

    Tough to see now, General Motors was once an auto industry innovative economic pacesetter, with many of the characteristics we associate with Google......  [read more]

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    More Than a Mango

    Jun 13, 10 • 666 Views • No Comments

    This story is about a canal and a plastic milk crate. It takes place on a mango farm in Haiti. The farmer has 2 mango trees. The trees produce her entire crop and her income of approximately $2 a day. As described by NPR’s This American Life, to......  [read more]

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    Public and Private Incentive

    May 18, 10 • 581 Views • No Comments

    For centuries, the US Postal Service delivered most of the mail. The job it did was satisfactory but not optimal. Yes, through sleet and snow, etc., we received our letters and packages but employees rarely focused on cutting costs and innovating. Two......  [read more]