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  • Burger_Wars_by_GrouchoM

    Burger Wars

    Mar 21, 12 • 278 Views • Behavioral Economics, Businesses, Demand, Supply, and Markets, RegulationNo Comments

    By Mira Korber, guest blogger. Times have changed. Wendy’s is now the second largest fast food chain restaurant in the US. This interesting Atlantic article describes how Wendy’s savvy marketing pushed BK from second place to third. By focusing on

  • McDonald's Delivers in Many Developing Nations.

    Fast (and Slow) Food

    Dec 23, 11 • 193 Views • Businesses, Demand, Supply, and Markets, Households, InnovationNo Comments

    Wendy’s is about to pull ahead of Burger King in the U.S. The reason? People care about their lettuce and the shape of their burgers. Led by new ownership, Wendy’s now has 11 different greens (not just iceberg), a slightly rounded bun