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  • coffee supply chain and price system

    Why China Wants More Coffee

    Jan 19, 16 • 314 Views • 1 Comment

    As the Chinese middle class grows, so too will the number of people who display conspicuous consumption by drinking coffee. ......  [read more]

  • China's Singles Day

    Why Chinese Singles Spend

    Nov 12, 13 • 1701 Views • No Comments

    Yesterday was Singles’ Day in China. Started by a group of college students at Nanjing University during the 1990s, Singles’ Day is when unmarrieds shower each other with gifts. Falling on 11-11, the date is “reminiscent of the Chinese......  [read more]

  • Packaging can shape a buying decision.

    A Chinese Coach

    Nov 28, 10 • 657 Views • No Comments

    Coach has 41 handbag stores in China and will soon have 8 more. Coach and China though, are about a lot more than handbags. According to NY Times Magazine columnist David Leonhardt, the Chinese consumer can fuel the world economy with “the urge to......  [read more]