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    All You Ever Need to Know About Amazon’s Customer Reviews

    Oct 27, 13 • 779 Views • No Comments

    Yesterday, I “met” Michael in a Planet Money podcast. Ranked #1 as an Amazon product reviewer, Michael Erb has already introduced himself to millions of us. M. Erb is Amazon’s #1 Hall of Fame reviewer and a Vine Voice (we will describe that...  [read more]

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    Oligopoly: Two Great Ads

    Sep 6, 13 • 1669 Views • No Comments

    During August, 2010, this picture of VW’s headquarters appeared in Google Street View. Fiat actually was following a Google car and then parked, at the right moment, in front of VW for the shot. In Santa Monica, CA, Audi and BMW got into a billboard...  [read more]

  • How much should cities plan for the storm of the century?

    Monopolistic Competition: Weather Analytics

    Aug 16, 13 • 439 Views • No Comments

    Research indicates that there is an inverse relationship between the quantity of frozen yogurt New Yorkers demand and wind speed. The higher the wind, the less yogurt they want. By contrast, they buy significantly more frozen yogurt on hot and on sunny days....  [read more]

  • Oligopolies: Selling Hair Color

    Jul 28, 13 • 698 Views • No Comments

    Miss Clairol was launched in 1956. For the first time, in just one step, women could change their hair color quickly and easily at home. But the new product needed a message that Foote, Cone & Belding’s copywriter, Shirley Polykoff, created:...  [read more]

  • Packaging can shape a buying decision.

    Packaging Matters

    Dec 13, 12 • 328 Views • No Comments

    How much do you think a package affects your buying decisions? In 2009, Pepsi changed Tropicana’s packaging. It was disastrous. Within 2 months, sales plunged 20% and they quickly switched back to their traditional orange with a straw. Some consumers...  [read more]