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  • Brooklyn Bridge Tolls and Congestion Pricing

    The Costs and Benefits of Bridge Shopping

    Dec 4, 13 • 1063 Views • No Comments

    Are you a bridge shopper? Manhattan is an island. Linked by bridges and tunnels to other NYC boroughs and NJ, it can be expensive to access…or it can be free. It all depends on your route. And therein lies the problem. To enter Manhattan via a free......  [read more]

  • Our Transportation Infrastructure is Crumbling

    Negative Externalities: Who Causes Traffic Congestion?

    Jan 11, 13 • 4891 Views • No Comments

    Moving 5 MPH in rush hour traffic, do you ever think that you are the problem? In rush hour traffic, we create an extra 4 second delay for each car behind us. Add it all together and you get 4.8 billion hours that people wasted during 2010 in traffic. For the......  [read more]

  • Our Transportation Infrastructure is Crumbling

    Lowering the Cost of Commuting

    Jun 14, 12 • 623 Views • No Comments

    Which alternative would you select to lessen rush hour traffic on NYC’s 5th Avenue? Charging $10 for each block Having the chance to win a $10,000 lottery prize if you take the bus A Stanford professor is encouraging cities like Singapore to use the......  [read more]

  • 16398_3.14_000009455162XSmall

    Road Building Results

    May 29, 11 • 623 Views • No Comments

    If extra road mileage is built, would you predict more or less traffic? The WSJ tells us that more roads led to additional driving from local residents, commercial traffic and people moving to the area. Public transportation did not influence driving......  [read more]

  • Congestion Pricing in Israel

    Dec 22, 09 • 673 Views • No Comments

    Run privately, guaranteeing 70kph (43.5 mph), a toll lane will be created on a busy Israeli road. More traffic–price up; less traffic, price drops. Another solution to the tragedy of the commons. To read more, go to......  [read more]