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  • Christmas Price Index Geese

    The Christmas Price Index Might Be As Good As the CPI

    Dec 22, 13 • 357 Views • No Comments

    This year, the increase in the PNC Christmas Price Index far exceeded the CPI. I do wonder, though, whether the CPI is really more accurate. Whereas the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) Consumer Price Index includes food, medical care and cars, PNC Wealth...  [read more]

  • The CPI: Social Security COLAs

    Apr 11, 13 • 302 Views • No Comments

    Our story starts with Ida Mae Fuller. At 65, in 1940, Ms. Fuller got the first US monthly Social Security retirement check for $22.54. In 1941, she got $22.54 each month. In 1942, 1943, and 1944 she still got her $22.54. Until 1950, she received $22.54 a...  [read more]

  • Dow Jones Average: Remembering Inflation

    Mar 6, 13 • 223 Views • No Comments

    The Dow Jones Average closed at an historic high yesterday…maybe. Yes, 14,253.77 was higher than ever. However, if we remember inflation, then the most recent Dow high was during 2000. Let’s start with the numbers we are used to hearing. At...  [read more]

  • PNC Wealth Management Measures Inflation With Its Christmas Price Index

    Inflation: The Christmas Price Index

    Dec 25, 12 • 351 Views • No Comments

    How to measure inflation? The Christmas Price Index. Whereas the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) Consumer Price Index includes food and medical care and cars, PNC Wealth Management’s CPI, its Christmas Price Index, has swans and hens and dancing maids....  [read more]

  • Scale for weight..2.16.12_000016156464XSmall

    Size Inflation

    Apr 13, 12 • 289 Views • No Comments

    Inflation is not only at the cash register. Our story starts at H&M where an Esquire journalist tried on a size 36 pants that were too tight. He continued his search for pants with the 36″ waist label at Old Navy and they were too loose. After that,...  [read more]