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    B(T)FF… Best Trading Friends Forever

    Feb 27, 14 • 712 Views • No Comments

    We can say that Mexico believes her top trading partner is the United States because the value of her exports to the US (2013: $370,826,831) added to the value of her imports from the US (2013: $370,746,056) is exceeded by none of her other trading......  [read more]

  • Nutella Global Supply Chain

    One Reason That We Have Nutella

    Jan 17, 14 • 2151 Views • No Comments

    Inside a jar of Nutella you might have a little bit of the Ivory Coast, Turkey, Malaysia, the EU and the US. Processed in the EU, Turkey, Russia, Australia, North or South America, the cocoa and hazelnut spread is then shipped to 100 (or so) countries.  ......  [read more]

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    One Reason That Geography Matters

    Jan 5, 14 • 1779 Views • No Comments

    Have you ever looked closely at Japan and the United Kingdom? Described by geographer Jared Diamond in a fascinating podcast, they look remarkably similar. Today Japan and the British Isles are modern industrial societies.  Both are north/south archipelagos......  [read more]

  • Ukraine and International Trade

    Ukrainian Economics

    Dec 6, 13 • 1335 Views • No Comments

    Fewer bottles of kodrinskoie-sparkling will be served at Russian holiday celebrations. Declaring that Moldova’s exports no longer met its food quality standards, Russia has blocked Moldovan wine exports. In the past, Ukrainian cheese and chocolate have......  [read more]

  • Chinese Foreign Direct Investment in the US

    The Surprising Ways That China is a Part of Our Lives

    Oct 29, 13 • 968 Views • No Comments

    Did you eat a Smithfield ham sandwich today? Go to an AMC multiplex? Drive a Volvo? The ham, the movies and the car are from Chinese companies. One reason that Hong Kong based Shuanghui International bought Smithfield is because China needs more pork.......  [read more]