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    Demand and Supply: Chocolate Stories

    Sep 24, 13 • 2133 Views • No Comments

    Because the price of cocoa is soaring, we might soon be paying more for cookies. But first, a bit of history. A Chocolate Butter Drop Do Cookie crisis in 1930 is the reason we have chocolate chip cookies today. One evening, Ruth Grant Wakefield, the......  [read more]

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    Chicken Productivity

    Sep 19, 13 • 1053 Views • No Comments

    Sometimes byproducts can become surprisingly useful. Scraps: Believing that their chickens could be tastier, NYC’s priciest restaurants are sending their table scraps to the farmers who raise their poultry. D’Artagnan, the wholesaler that......  [read more]

  • Mixed Economy: The Raisin Reserve

    Sep 3, 13 • 689 Views • No Comments

    The supply of raisins is controlled in the United States. During World War II, the US government sent GIs raisins. When the war ended, the armed forces no longer needed all of those raisins. As a result there was a glut. Rather than let the market respond to......  [read more]

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    Demand and Supply: Who Buys Bayer?

    Aug 29, 13 • 1122 Views • No Comments

    On a CVS shelf, you see Bayer and CVS aspirin. The Bayer, for 100 tablets /325 mg is $6.29 while the private label is $1.99. Each has the same active ingredients, dosage and directions. Which one will you purchase? It all depends. According to a University of......  [read more]

  • Comparative Advantage: A Natural Gas Dilemma

    Aug 17, 13 • 1081 Views • No Comments

    When the price of natural gas plunged in 2008, manufacturers smiled. As Dow Chemical’s CEO recently explained, cheaper natural gas means a $4 billion investment in 120 new manufacturing projects. Using cheap gas, Dow plans to build ethylene, propylene,......  [read more]