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  • A Gender Issue: Breadwinner Wives

    Jun 3, 13 • 193 Views • Behavioral Economics, Demand, Supply, and Markets, Education, Gender Issues, Households, Labor, Thinking EconomicallyNo Comments

    Tradition says men bring home the bacon and women prepare it. In fact, most men will even accept women bringing home some of the bacon… But not the “filet mignon.” Here are the facts: 3 University of Chicago researchers have concluded that

  • In NYC and China, developers are building smaller apartments.

    Living Solo: Part 2

    Sep 1, 12 • 267 Views • Behavioral Economics, Demand, Supply, and Markets, Gender Issues, Government, Households, Thinking Economically, UncategorizedNo Comments

    Soup and ready-made meals sales are soaring in Brazil. The reason is probably more singles. In the United Arab Emirates, if you are over 30 and female, there is a 60% chance you are unmarried. For Japan, 31.5% of all households are one-person. Looking at