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  • Should We Redesign the Dollar?

    May 31, 12 • 666 Views • 1 Comment

    Have you ever worried that you gave someone the wrong bill–maybe a ten rather than a dollar? With US currency, it is easy to make a mistake. After all, the US dollar bill, the five, the ten, the twenty, the fifty, the one hundred are mostly green,......  [read more]

  • Dollar Wars

    May 1, 12 • 765 Views • No Comments

    Changing the make-up of the money supply, lobbyists have proposed a bill in favor of the dollar coin instead of the dollar bill......  [read more]

  • War and Money

    Mar 7, 11 • 505 Views • No Comments

    A ship carrying freshly printed Libyan currency was intercepted near the coast of Great Britain. Assuming that it would be used to fund the Gaddafi regime, the British seized the cash and stored it in a “secure location.” Like many nations, Libya......  [read more]