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  • Cost and benefit balance change for dealing with global warming if it creates a national security threat.

    An Unexpected Cost of Climate Change?

    May 21, 14 • 1132 Views • No Comments

    Our Wednesday Environment Focus By Madeleine Vance, guest blogger and student at Kent Place School; edited by Elaine Schwartz Global Warming has become more than just a threat to the environment. In the movie “Carbon Nation,” former army colonel Dan......  [read more]

  • Water price ceilings create distorted price incentives

    A Water Shortage During Brazil’s World Cup

    Mar 26, 14 • 1162 Views • No Comments

    A major source of Sao Paulo, Brazil’s water supply has shrunk. Down to 14.7% of its capacity, the Cantareira Basin supplies almost half the area’s water. With little rain until recently (and it’s the rainy season from December to March) and......  [read more]

  • Greenhouse Gases from Ruminant Animals

    Why Are Steak Prices Rising?

    Mar 2, 14 • 1361 Views • No Comments

    In 1918, a filet mignon at Delmonico’s Restaurant would have cost $1.65. That same item on their 2014 menu is $48.00. However, according to the BLS inflation calculator, if the price had remained the same, it would now be $25.56. Including variable......  [read more]

  • drought marginal cost

    The Cost of Conservation

    Feb 12, 14 • 1167 Views • No Comments

    By Madeleine Vance, guest blogger and student at Kent Place School. Saving water is supposed to allow us to cut down costs. For the drought-stricken city of Wichita Falls in Texas, this is not the case.  In 2013, Wichita Falls’s total rainfall was 33......  [read more]

  • Peanut prices respond to demand and supply

    Peanut Butter Economics

    Oct 20, 12 • 648 Views • No Comments

    Last year, we had a peanut shortage. As a result, Skippy raised its prices and Smucker’s removed its reduced-fat creamy peanut butter spread from supermarket shelves. But now, supply has responded. Predicting a record year, the USDA says the peanut......  [read more]