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  • Downton Abbey Maids

    Downton Abbey Economics: Downstairs

    Jan 27, 13 • 580 Views • Economic Growth, Economic History, Innovation, Labor, Macroeconomic MeasurementNo Comments

    Like a business affected by a structural change in the economy, the world was shifting downstairs at Downton Abbey. The “business” was run by Mr. Carson, the butler, and Mrs. Hughes, the head housekeeper, while Daisy, the scullery maid, was at

  • British Aristocracy

    Downton Abbey Economics: Upstairs

    Jan 26, 13 • 383 Views • Economic History, Innovation, LaborNo Comments

    When Matthew Crawley, the new son-in-law investor/savior of Downton Abbey is invited to look at the books after handing over his inheritance to keep the financially sinking estate afloat, he discovers egregiously poor management. He also finds out that his